Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mount Rinjani Lombok

Points of interest which could have a look at Mount Rinjani National Park Lombok.
Nearly more than 20 villages surround Rinjani and there certainly are many routes / route up the mountain but the road / main entrance through Senaru in the north and east Sembalun Lawang. Gunung Rinjani National Park lies in the major transition zone (Wallace) where the flora and fauna of asia tanggara this is a dramatic transition that could be categorized as a type of Australia. This national park itself is rich in plants and animals even though they can be very difficult to see because the expanse of terrain as well as tropical rain forests. Sometimes you can go see a monkey in the morning, a gray long-tailed monkey, you can also encounter deer because the deer is an animal inhabitants of Mount Rinjani. On the ridge you can also find a berekar long gray ape. If we're lucky we can find porcupines, raccoons and deer that usually berpungsi as well as natural alarm that signaled the guard to the other animals if there is interference.
Various types of birds also inhabit the forest in this park's most famous and also the icon in the park this is a very difficult bird cockatoo found in the western part of the island. Various types of animals, insects, birds, and monkeys have a way of life survive against attacks from the wild boar.

  This type is characteristic of pine kasuarina dilereng grass-covered mountains. Orchid is also a major interest in this prairie region as well as perennial flowers / edelweiss which grows on the trunks of trees which is a beautiful icon in this park. Below are mentioned various stories taken from the inhabitants of this village which is a collection of traditional stories down through the generations from one generation to the next generation near the hamlet Senaru this:
Bunut Ngengkang
  This is the first to break haven where the paths from Senaru and semokan met. This is a big banyan tree at the bottom, which looks like a person standing with legs slightly apart / straddle for that is called Bunut ngengkang. Andongan tambing one entrance to the forest and also the first camp to climb Rinjani. The climbers are expected to be more careful on the steep slopes of this

Rest of Post Two Half Journey to the Peak
  This is the second haven to rest and is a stone called the "stone of regret", this place is a sign of where the climbers feel that there is inner turmoil will continue climbing or back because the journey is still far ahead to achieve the objectives to be addressed after a long to walk. Usually takes about 2 hours walk from Bunut ngengkang
There are three of the most famous caves such as cave milk, paying cave, and cave beads. Goa milk is the ideal place for meditation place. People with dirty minds and evil will have difficulty with sendirnya enter this cave in which this cave has a narrow entrance, but only people who are clean who could easily enter. Didalan cave water dripping from the tip of the rock which looks like a nipple, so people say the water in the cave it was very different. Inside the cave was hot milk and lots of smoke that looks like smoke kitchen to be the ones to call it steam or hot house, and also people sometimes call it the place to rentogent / laser beam.

Hot Water Baths for treatment
  Aik inverse meaning: hot water and used to cure various diseases and one of them is pengkereman jembangan which means a hot water bath to test their magical power. If the weapon become sticky it was a sign of quality is not good weapons and has no magical powers. But if the weapon remains unchanged / sticky it was a sign of supernatural power and strength will continue to grow. It could also thermal baths at this place as a medicinal ingredient of coconut milk. After inserting a bottle of coconut milk in hot water if so clear oily liquid oil can be used as medicinal drugs where oil is used for things with a good purpose in the call also siu satunggal which means diapakai to cure a thousand kinds of diseases

Barong and Kintamani

If the streets half a day in Bali or commonly known as the half day tour was less satisfactory because the time is quite narrow, the Full Day Tour in Bali is a great choice to fill the holiday time in Bali. One full day tour options which can be followed is the Barong and Kintamani Tour. Tour with a duration of 10 hours is a walk to visit a tourist attraction in Bali the middle. As a tourist attraction visited during a walk in this tour program is the Barong Dance, Galuh, Celuk, Goa Gajah, Kintamani as the main object, Tampaksiring, and Sukawati. More details you can refer as below:
Watching Barong Dance performances, dance pragmen appointed from ephos Mahabharata and the theme of the second side of life (good and bad) that will always exist and balanced. Picked up the story in this dance piece epic of Sahadeva (one of the five Pandava brothers) who managed to end the curse of Lord Shiva to Goddess Uma, who previously punished down to earth as Goddess Durga who always spread evil. Staging dance scene ends with a fight between the Barong (the symbol of truth) and Rangda (a symbol of evil) in which both remain balanced.
Stop in the village of Celuk for a close look at the artists who are creating gold and silver jewelry made ​​of high quality. Various types and variations of jewelry creations, both as cendramata and export commodities produced in this village such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, earrings, Bross and various other types of jewelry. Here visitors can also buy direct jewelry on display in the window directly in the workshops of the artists.
Visiting attractions of Goa Gajah, archeological relics from the 11th century that bercorakkan Hinduism and Buddhism. Sights of Goa Gajah temple consists of the archaeological sites in the form of a cave hermitage, god statues, swimming baths, temples and ruins of Hindu & Buddhist relics. Called the Goa Gajah because in the cave there is a statue of Lord Ganesha, one of the manifestations of God in human form-headed elephant.
Moving towards Kintamani to witness the most amazing natural scenery, a combination of Mount Batur and its expanse of black rocks of Lake Batur is a blue crescent-shaped in a caldera which is said by travelers as the most beautiful caldera in the world. Lunch will be served in one of the backgrounds Restaurant Kintamani Lake and Mount Batur.
Tour continues to Pura Tirtha Empul Tampaksiring, a temple relics that tell the mythology Dynasty Warmadewa victory Gods army led by Lord Indra (the manifestation of God as a god of war) against the Giants Denawa Maya. Here are some holy water fountain that supposedly created by the god Indra to treat his army toxicity induced by the giant. Until now the holy water that comes out of the shower is believed to cure various diseases and used as a means of self purification.
Tour ends in Sukawati, a market that sells a variety of local handicrafts and souvenirs Balinese. Sukawati art market crowded each day due to many Balinese handicrafts available are complete enough in this market. Price handicraft products sold in the market Sukawati dibandrol not be identified, so the required knowledge Mumpuni bargaining to get the most appropriate price.